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Optimization Management



Company Name:  MiaProva

Company URL: https://www.miaprova.com/

Your Name: Brian Hawkins

Your Title: CEO/Co-Founder

Describe your company, the customer experience, and the business challenge(s) you set out to solve with Adobe Experience Cloud products, and how long your company/organization has been using Adobe Experience Cloud products.


MiaProva is a software company that specializes in helping organizations scale their optimization programs, adopt industry best practices, and provides visibility into the impact testing and personalization against organization metrics.  


Our company has been using Adobe Experience Cloud Products since it was founded in 2017.  Our software is built on Adobe I/O and automates data management from Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Workfront.  


Describe how you have integrated and used multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products to solve these challenges to improve and personalize the customer experience/journey. Please provide information that will be helpful in understanding your integration (e.g. architecture diagram, step by step process integration flow, etc.).


MiaProva has integrated Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, and Adobe Workfront to give organizations the tools they need to apply a Journey centric approach to optimization and personalization management.  This video explains how we approached the integration:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a0zmE-lyOY






Based on your successful use and integration of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products, describe how it has transformed the customer experience/journey, and the value, business impact, and results your company/organization has realized. Please cite both qualitative and quantitative results as applicable.


 MiaProva’s ability to transform an organization’s approach to journey-focused has been transformative.  Our impact is quantifiable in test throughput and impacts organizational metrics and risk mitigation - something all our customers have benefited from.  MiaProva is also helping organizations from a quantitative perspective, helping them run better and more strategic optimizations.  MiaProva facilities value-based testing within a journey-centric model.  This video highlights how we do that:  


Amplify Analytics Audience Manager Target Workfront