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Custom SEO Tool to improve page ranking


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Company Name: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Company URL: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/

Your Name: Ravi Kumar Pampana

Your Title: AEM Lead Developer

Describe your company, the customer experience and business challenge(s) you set out to solve with Adobe Experience Cloud products, and how long your company/organization has been using Adobe Experience Cloud products.


1) Created Custom SEO tool which scrapes the author page html and generates report to author on what items to be changed for the page to perform better related to SEO. As making the SEO recommendations after the page is publish will take time as it requires re-authoring, re-publishing and re-indexing in search engines and will take around 10-15 days time for the updates to reflect. We are able to solve this by creating custom SEO tool which can be run on author page and improve SEO ranking of the page. We have added the option to siteadmin console and the report can be downloaded for future reference or for sharing. 


Describe how you have integrated and used multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products to solve these challenges to improve and personalize the customer experience/journey. Please provide information that will be helpful in understanding your integration (e.g. architecture diagram, step by step process integration flow, etc.).


1) Created the custom bundle and installed in AEM instance and authors are able to find it more useful as it is solving the problems before the page went live.


Based on your successful use and integration of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products, describe how it has transformed the customer experience/journey, and the value, business impact, and results your company/organization has realized. Please cite both qualitative and quantitative results as applicable.


1) Authors are running the report for every page before activating to make sure there are no SEO concerns on the page and it is helping our pages to have higher ranking compared other gaming sites.

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