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AEM Salesforce Integration to save leads from AEM Web Application


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We will see how to integrate the users lead information from our AEM to Salesforce server. So let's start by downloading the aem sfdc connector package from AEM SFDC Connector.

Once we install the AEM SFDC connector on our AEM instance then we can see the workflow which will help us to export the data from our AEM server to Salesforce server at http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/workflow/content/console.html with name as Salesforce.com Export.

Now navigate to your cloud configuration for salesforce connector at http://localhost:4502/etc/cloudservices/salesforce.html and create a new configuration let's say salesforce-integration.


Now here the Login Url will be the endpoint url for your SFDC server and the Customer Key and Customer secret is provided by the connected app in SFDC that points to your AEM server.

Once you click on connect to salesforce then your AEM server is now connected to salesforce to submit the leads.

Now as next step we need to utilize the workflow that we had initially to send the leads. Let's consider a node at /tmp/sfdc/myuser in AEM which will have below properties and all these and we will pass this node path as the payload in the Salesforce.com Export workflow.



Once you trigger the workflow then the leads will be created in the SFDC server.


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