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AEM Author - Customization to OOTB Experience - AEM Assets Quick Publish Flow


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Company Name: Cognizant

Your Name: Vijayalakshmi Sankarlal

Your Title: Technical Lead 


In real time projects, often times there would be a need for Customization to the OOTB experience in AEM author. To cite a few examples, adding new action to Sites/Assets listing view, amending existing action, introducing new console and so on. 

High level steps/approach to customization in general: 

  • Locate the OOTB files related to the functionality of interest
  • Custom code readiness 
  • Understanding the existing flow programmatically
  • Incorporating our custom logic by overlaying the OOTB files.
  • Considering/Validating all possible use cases without hindering other related OOTB flow
For instance, one similar specific scenario is to have an additional confirmation pop up on Asset's Quick Publish Action flow. 
Change Description :
  • We have a custom field named "Effective date" as part of the custom metadata schema form. If we try to publish an asset before the set "Effective Date", we need to introduce an additional confirmation pop up before publishing the asset. 
Solution :

Pointers on Best practice: 

  • When handling customizations with respect to overlaying files from /libs, we can have one dedicated maven module
    • In order to have clear separation of concerns. 
    • Control over run mode specific deployments
    • Ease of tracking/maintaining customization. 
  • Designing customizations considering the content classification on /libs


Understanding business needs on authoring experience and architecting an minimalistic approach on customization will help in achieving success and create a win-win situation for Developers and Business/Content Authors.

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