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Adding custom domain to Adobe Franklin


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Hey all, I am considered to be a newbie in Adobe Franklin; I have used the framework and managed to create several awesome websites with it, what I exactly looking for is to know the proper way of deploying these websites as I need a custom domain for each website of those, what is the proper way of doing this as I found no documentation for such a request.

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I believe it’s part of sidekick configs. Please take a look for the available api https://github.com/adobe/helix-sidekick-extension/blob/main/docs/API.md#SidekickConfig


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Hi @MohamedAh2 ,

Once your website is ready then you have to point live endpoint (https://<branch>--<repo>--<owner>.hlx.live/ ) to custom domain by changing the CDN configurations(e.g. Cloudflare, Fastly, Akamai, Cloudfront) . Pls check the following CDN docs for more info . Hope this will help .






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Hi @MohamedAh2 
Apart from what @somen-sarkar said, If you can't afford or don't need CDN, then you need to ask Adobe to map your custom domain with your live point.

Adobe can map custom domain on EDS's live Fastly CDN

Arun Patidar