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Hi there

We are in the process in migrating from a legacy s_code Adobe Analytics implementation to DTM.

There is a lot of legacy implementation embedded in functions across the site in various JavaScript files e.g. for video tracking we have a JavaScript function which checks for different event cases before triggering Adobe Analytics events with the relevant props/eVars.


key: '_track',

    value: function _track(event, data) {

      if (typeof s === 'undefined') {



       switch (event) {

        case Events.VIDEO_PLAY:

          s.products = ';' + prefix + ':' + clipType + ':' + this.video + ';;;event###=' + Math.ceil(this.video.duration / 60);

          s.events = 'event##,event###,event####';

          s.prop## = s.eVar## = 'some_value';


        case Events.VIDEO_PLAYHEAD_MOVED:

          if (this.milestones.tracked.VIDEO_PLAYHEAD_MOVED) {




The long term plan is to create a dataLayer and push event information into it to track such events. However, in the short term is it possible to leverage existing functions as above to trigger events in DTM?

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If you are just starting to migrate from a page code implementation to DTM, have you considered migrating straight to Launch, by Adobe? Launch is Adobe's latest iteration of our Tag Management solution. DTM is considered a legacy product at this point with no major improvements planned. If you are already in the process of a migration, it might make sense to move directly to Launch.

You can learn more on our Launch, by Adobe​ community.