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I was hoping someone can help me with the following

I am trying to create an condition to exclude a URL from loading a third party JavaScript, so far I have added the code to Javascript/Third party tags > the JS is set to load sequentially and I have included a condition to 'exclude' the URL paths but I can still see the script loading in firebug when I visit the pages I have excluded


I have to use URL's because we don't have any pagenames etc on the page and we have not fully migrated to DTM

Is there anyone who can help me please?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Be sure you're only entering the path and not the full domain.  You could use the regex option to be sure your condition is as specific as possible.

Also, take advantage of the debug messages you can turn on in your developer console using _satellite.setDebug(true)

Those messages will help you confirm what rules are firing via DTM, which is helpful in conjunction with your other tools like Firebug.

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