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Anchor tag Non-youtube video tracking milestone inside an Iframe


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I wanted to understand how can I get video tracking milestones under my following conditions:

video URL mentioned in an anchor tag

<a src="some vodeo url"><a/>

After playing the video, it generates an Iframe next to the anchor tag. Under the Iframe, I can see #document, html code and video tag inside the body tag.

<a src="some vodeo url"></a>

<iframe src="some vodeo url">


<HTML><BODY><video src="some vodeo url" media></video></body></html>


But I am not able to access video tag in DTM or browser console unless i go to browser elements(inspect elements) and expand Iframe until the 'video' tag is visible.

Also, if I try to edit the iframe (without expanding the iframe in inspect elements) , i am not able to see #document and further inline HTML code.

please, provide a solution how can i track this "non-youtube video" without affecting the iframe.

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Level 2

Any resolution for this? Having same issue. Send help