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I noticed this week that there is a long delay when I do a DTM implementation and the time it takes for the Adobe DTM Switch staging to work. Normally I would be able to check updates or changes immediately using the debugger. As of this week, if I implemented some tracking during the day and turned on the debugger, nothing would register in the developer console. What happens now is the updates I made during the day would finally show-up in the developer console in the evening. Why is there a time lag now? Is there an alternative solution?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out. I have experienced the same thing. There are a few alternative plugins available here: Another option is to manually enable debugging using the console:

Enable/Disable Staging

localStorage.setItem(‘sdsat_stagingLibrary’, true);

localStorage.setItem(‘sdsat_stagingLibrary’, false);

Enable/Disable Debugging



There is a cheat sheet available with more commands on Jim Gordon's blog here:


Let me know if that doesn't work.