Appmesaurment custom code section (No Customize page Code) + Module codes on UI




Before all, thanks to DTM's Team for to improve day by day this tool , it really facilitate much our jobs.

I would suggest that all native Adobe Code as HeartBeat Video, Module Integrate and other that can be launched, are deployed natively (as new Marketing Sevice ID or Appmesaurment). This frees us to be aware of new updates and also can use Code configuration managed by Adobe feature for these companies that are currently using this modules, simply add on UI this possibilities like:




Also I notice that new feature for execute customize page code before/after UI, not allows execute code before Appmesaurment was executed. I believe that would be well if you create a section for do that or simply add another checkbox for this purpose, in fact, I think that Adobe Code always would could be added by default, with adding a section for add Appmesaurment customize code, or habilitate Customize page code for do that.


Please, take in account this suggestion (1.Add possibility to add Adobe modules on UI / 2. Create section for add a custom Appmesaurment code on UI), I believe it would be a essential improving for Adobe Analytics's Implementers.