Usermanagement API - Liecense Quota Relative to User Group



I have been coding using the UserManagement API successfully but have one gotcha. I want to be able to check licensequota against usercount relative to a user group. The problem is that if I start from a query getting the user group details I can get the groupid, usercount etc but not the product configuration(s) associated with this group. Alternatively, if I start from the product configuration I can get the licensequota, the admingroupid, and the licensegroupid but neither of these ids correspond to the groupid of the user group I am interested in. Is there some way to tie these 2 things together in an API call so that I am able to check the number of allocated users in a group against the available licensequota for a product configuration associated with that group?

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Community Manager


Hi David,

It this question is currently in our Experience Cloud Core Services community. However, I noticed you mentioned license quotas in your question. Are you using the API to manage your Creative Cloud licenses or your Experience Cloud users or both?