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Adobe App Builder Action Dedicated Egress IP


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In AEMaaCS we're able to have dedicated egress IPs set up but for Adobe App Builder Actions that make outbound rest api calls can that also be set? We need to IP whitelist for security reasons. 


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Hey @aaa-michaelsison,


Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) provides various features and configurations to enhance security, including the ability to set up dedicated egress IP addresses for outbound network traffic. However, for Adobe App Builder and specifically for Adobe I/O Runtime Actions (which are part of the Adobe Developer Ecosystem), the capability to set dedicated egress IPs for outbound REST API calls may not be as straightforward or directly supported.

Considerations for Adobe App Builder Actions:

  1. Default Behavior:

    • Adobe I/O Runtime Actions, like other serverless platforms, typically do not have fixed egress IP addresses due to the nature of how serverless functions are scaled and managed.
  2. IP Whitelisting Challenges:

    • This dynamic scaling and management make it challenging to use IP whitelisting for security, as the egress IP addresses can vary.
  3. Alternative Security Measures:

    • Instead of relying on IP whitelisting, consider other security practices like:
      • Securing API endpoints using OAuth tokens, API keys, or other authentication mechanisms.
      • Implementing HTTPS for all outbound calls to ensure encrypted communications.
      • Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or secure tunnels if the external service supports them.
  4. Consulting Adobe Documentation:

    • Review the latest Adobe App Builder and Adobe I/O Runtime documentation for any updates or features related to outbound network traffic management.
  5. Contacting Adobe Support:

    • For the most accurate and current information, and to discuss specific requirements like egress IP whitelisting, reaching out to Adobe support or your Adobe account representative is advisable.
  6. Custom Solutions:

    • In some cases, organizations set up proxy servers or intermediary services where serverless functions send requests. These proxies can have static IP addresses that are whitelisted by external services.


While Adobe App Builder Actions (Adobe I/O Runtime) might not directly support setting dedicated egress IPs for outbound REST API calls, there are alternative security measures that can be implemented. Since features and capabilities can evolve, consulting the latest Adobe documentation and support channels is recommended for the most current information and potential solutions tailored to your security needs.






You can configure a proxy for outgoing requests from IO Runtime and whitelist that proxy IP address on your side https://developer.adobe.com/runtime/docs/guides/reference/configuringproxy/