why i can't find [user attributes] in visitor profiels when i create an audience

weil20720421 19-11-2019

1、 I have used Profile API [updateUserAttribute] to create an attribute like this

          updateUserAttribute("user_type", 1);

2、i want to use this attribute(user_type) to create different audiences in AT, so i select the rule [Visitor Profile] when i created andience

here is the question: i can't find the an option of "user_type" or "user.user_type".


I don't know how to use the attribute[user_type] in AT.

Anyone could help me?

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

weil20720421 20-11-2019

Current SDK versions - Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs

I have used <Mobile Core> <Profile> <Adobe Target> this three SDKs.

It's seems that using Profile API "updateUserAttribute" can't pass data to Target.

I have resolved the problem by using Target API "retrieveLocationContent" with ProfileParameters.

Thanks a lot.

weil20720421 19-11-2019

Thank you for you answer.

The Methods seems use at.js on web page。

In my case , i need to use AT on a native app(android and ios).

I have followed this document to update attributes by mobile sdk,

the question is i don't know how to use the attribute in AT.

Or have any other method to get data into Target with Mobile SDK?