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I'm currently working with two sites under the same domain and I'm unable to access visitor profile information from 1 of them. 



User visits site A and performs a series of activities. This triggers an event that triggers a rule in Launch. Essentially, user.accountType is set to something like consumer or business. I'm then using Target to access this visitor profile data and create an audience and experience test for it. I'm able to navigate away from the site or close the site and I'm still able to access this information on site A. 


However, on site B, the value of user.accountType is empty. Target attempts to apply the experience and I just get an empty ("") value. 


I've confirmed that my visitor IDs are the same across both sites. Both sites belong to the same domain and are configured in Target. Is there something I am missing?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Need to check how the visitor profile data is fired using launch rule and you getting the value of visitor profile.


Are you using this way -- > 

 const val="${user.accountType}" ?
Can you try firing as profile.accountType and check ?

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