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Top Sellers download data doesn't match what is displayed on site


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I have set up a Top Sellers recommendation at the bottom of this page just above the footer:




The Criteria settings are:

  • Industry: Retail/Ecommerce
  • Popularity Based
  • Top Sellers from across the site
  • Data Source:  Target
  • 2 months of data
  • Partial Design Rendering Enabled
  • Backup Recommendations Disabled
  • on Multiple Pages
  • Show previous purchases
  • No other filter or weighting rules

I've downloaded the Recommendation CSV data file to verify that what is shown on the website is correct.  The products listed in the data file do not match those on the site.  In some cases, some of the first displayed products aren't even in the data file. 


I have confirmed the following:

  • correct Property ID is in use on the site and matches the Activity Property
  • compared the data file with the other environments (Staging and Development) and those don't match either
  • matching Activity ID is found in both the Target authoring environment and on the site's mbox response
  • there are no other Recommendation Activities in the mbox response
  • confirmed all of these findings in Chrome in Incognito Mode

The displayed products are more plausible Top Sellers while the data file is most certainly incorrect.


Should these not match 100%?

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Hi @darter ,


One way to troubleshoot shoot Recommendation activities is to leverage debugging tools under Adminstration > Implementation 

Also known as Authorization Token.


It can help troubleshoot recommendation activity content delivery by outputting all elements like criteria results and filtering rules or enviornment setup etc.


More details here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/target/using/activities/troubleshoot-activities/content-t...


Also inorder for TopSellers Criteria to work as expected when using Target as criteria data source make sure Mbox params are tracked on order confirmation/thankyou page in below format


<script type="text/javascript">


    "mbox": "orderConfirmPage",


        "orderId": "ORDER ID FROM YOUR ORDER PAGE",

        "orderTotal": "ORDER TOTAL FROM YOUR ORDER PAGE",