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I have a team who is interested in running a test in Target. There are four versions of the search results page. One is the control, one has a banner on the right of the search results, the other has a text link above the results and the other has a clickable image above the results. Clicking the link, banner and button are the conversions for the test. I created a segment in Adobe Analytics, which I made and audience,  that captures every variation of the search term "Hamlet". That needs to be included in the test to trigger the variations. How do I include the search term variation in the test?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Bill,

I assume you are using Adobe Analytics as Reporting source for Target while Activity creation. Creating a Target Standard activity that uses Analytics as the reporting source is similar to setting up a regular Target Standard activity, with a few important differences. For example, you cannot select a segment for reporting while creating the activity because all segments available in Analytics can be applied when viewing a report. 

When setting up activity after setting up Analytics as your reporting source, there is no option to set up audiences for reporting. Analytics segments are available in the Target Activities report.

When Analytics is used as the reporting source, reports in Target Standard show the data gathered from Analytics. The report differs somewhat from other Target Standard reports: The Audiences list shows the audiences available to your Analytics report suite.

You can apply the metric or audience to the report in Target Standard after the test has started, or even after the test has completed

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Parit Mittal

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