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Target seems not to recognize page navigation (at.js/React)


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Dear Community, 


Details: We are trying to integrate A/B Testing with Adobe Target in our React application. I have already implemented triggerView() on every page navigation and add some console.log which shows me if at.js was loaded correctly and if its available. I can see from that, that on every page navigation, the triggerView() is executed correctly. But in Adobe Target i can't see that the pages are available in "CurrentView". Even i browse to the next page, the currentView is still the first view. Only some times i can see it is publishing the right view in "currentView", but its really in rare cases (like 1 time of 100). Our A/B Test is actually really simple. When user starts the React Application, he will get a Welcome page with different headline. After he passes the first screen by clicking next, he will reach to screen number 2. We try to measure with metrics, if the user reaches second screen. The metrics uses the url of page 2, to measure. But its not really working, as in my opinion, its not recognizing the page navigation. We are using at.js 2.5.0.


May be some of you guys, had the same problem before?


thanks and best regards,



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