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[Redirect Offer] - Optimize Redirection Process


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Hello team,

We've created an A/B test where the B version is a redirect. 


The stakeholders have reported that when users visit the default page (example.com/version), they experience a delay where the default page is displayed before being redirected to the B version (example.com/version-1). This is affecting the user experience negatively.


We would like to modify the redirection process so that users are automatically redirected to the B version (example.com/version-1) without the initial display of the default page (example.com/version).


Current Implementation Details:

  1. Adobe Target Extension: Implemented through the Adobe Target extension.
  2. Delivery API: Server-side delivery API is in use.
  3. Redirect Offer: Utilized Visual Experience Composer (VEC) for the redirect offer.

Is it possible to adjust the redirection process to ensure users are immediately redirected to example.com/version-1 without first accessing example.com/version and experiencing the delay?

Appreciate it!

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I’m not strong in the delivery API, but when experiencing this delivering the experience client side, a quick fix is enabling the pre-hiding of content. That will make the page looks blank prior to the redirect. It would only happen if the script itself is placed ‘too low’ on the page, hence causing the page to start loading before Target is loaded. 

hopefully you can use this to help find a fix for it. 


Level 7

Hi @miahi , Can you please check

 Is the tag manager loaded synchronously or asynchronously?

Is the tag manager/at.js script loaded in the <head> of the page or <body>?

It should be in the <head>