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Recommendation engine catalog, entity.categoryId values and logic


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Can someone clarify which way product category is being updated and what's the main use of sub-subsection approach.

1. Updating product category. Every new change is added as extra category to product - so if product appears in any of categories - list is growing rapidly.
Question 1 - how can it be overwritten when needed? (e.g. clean up previous categories and leave only new ones)?

2. based on documentation, there is possibility to have sub and sub-subsections described in product category ( Entity Attributes​ ). When creating a collection, what is the difference between these 2 rules:

  1. Category contains category:subcategory
  2. Category contains category AND Category contains subcategory

Question 2 - is there any need to use documented format (womens,womens:sweaters,womens:sweaters:cardigans)

for having subsections taken into account or it can be only 1 level (womens,sweaters,cardigans)?

BR, Argo

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