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Problems with recommendations when upgrading from 4.13.8 to 4.14.1


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I am working on an iOS project that currently uses the Adobe Mobile SDK for iOS v 4.13.8 to (among other tracking) retrieve product recommendations from an mbox. I have almost no experience with the Cloud Experience website (and don't currently have persmissions to view it - buracracy). As part of a larger development effort, this functionality that uses v4.13.8 is being migrated to another app that uses version 4.14.1.

That version change has resulted in our current calls to the targetRequest method returning no results. Charles logs show that the endpoint has changed from




Here are some things I thought might be happening.

Could it be that the campaigns have to be configured to respond to the new endpoint?

Are there new parameters needed in the targetCreateRequest to be compatible with this later version?

Is there something that needs to change in the ADBMobileConfig.json file?

I'm certain I have left some bit of important information out so if you need more information to determine the cause I will try to provide it.

Thank you for your time.

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