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Rearrange content using the VEC in Target


Level 4


I'm curious why the 'Rearrange content' functionality using the VEC does not always work? I'm able to select the component, begin to drag the component to a different location on the page, page highlights in yellow where I can drop component, but when I try to release my mouse and drop the component into the new location, it does not release.  I've tried a number of times with various components and I can't get the component to release and drop into the new location.

Is there a keyboard shortcut I need to do or enabled by accident? Are there restrictions as to where I can move the componnet to? I thought this was typically identified by the yellow highlighted box, if the location doesn't highlight then I can't drop it there. 

I've used this feature before and its very powerful and easy so not sure why it doesn't always work. Please advise asap.


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