Qualifying for the audience and test when an element on the homepage is clicked on



I want to create an A/B test for visitors who click on a specific link that will redirect them to the activity url.


Let's assume that visitors who click on a button that reads 'Shop Cars' on the homepage will redirect to a page that displays a  listing of cars. I want to create a test where half of the visitors who clicked on my button will instead redirect to a page that contains curated assortment of cars from a specific brand.


The issue that currently exists is that visitors have more than one way to qualify for my activity. They are currently able to redirect to the activity URL by clicking on the 'Shop Cars' link on the navigation menu, but I specifically would only want to track the visitors who clicked on the button located within the homepage. 


In regards to metrics, I would want to measure the number of car listings viewed for visitors who only clicked on my button on the homepage.


Is there anyway for me to pass a parameter or an indicator inside the Audience Rules of my test to check whether or not the visitor has only clicked the homepage button instead of the link on my navigation menu? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @christammm 

as @LordOfTheRings mentioned in his comment, would help you solve your problem.

also, you can track clicks on homepage button separately in goals and settings by using conversion -> viewed a page -> URL contains -> www.mmm.com?xxx=btnclicked OR URL is -> www.mmm.com?xxx=btnclicked



Gauresh Kodag

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Answers (2)



Hi @christammm 
I do not have the urls so can suggest only :


1. Check the activity url if any specific parameter is added when you arrive on this page after clicking button or clicking the navigation banner.

a. when you click on button and land to activity url then ?xxx=btnclicked might be added

b. when you click on navigation menu and land to activity url then ?xxx=linkNav might be added.


Using this query param value you can target audiences.


Let me know if that helps you.





This would require some custom code to trigger a special value for a profile parameter or something like that you could then build an audience around that specific profile parameter and go from there. Not that good with code so if others can offer examples on exactly how to do this that would be welcomed. I wanted to provide you with the big picture view.

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