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Hello all,

The Problem

Currently I'm working at an organisation that has an over reliance on re-direct tests, I understand that in certain circumstances this method is effective but currently around 80% of our tests are set up in this way. Obviously running a re-direct test involves building a new page and really slows down the entire testing process.

In my mind I see three tiers of tests

Tier 1

Basic VEC tests that can be done by a non-dev, this would include text, Imagery and minor layout changes

Tier 2

These tests include the above and introducing new sections into the page and more major layout changes

Tier 3

This would be major changes to the page or even a full page re-design

Currently we would default to a re-direct test for anything that fell into tier 2 or tier 3 (above), what I would like to understand is for a tier 2 (partial re-design) and a tier three test (full page re-design) what would be the most efficient way of running this test without a re-direct test?

I want to avoid running thousands of lines of Javascript to manipulate the DOM, I know this way is possible but it would take a long time and if the test wins it would still need "properly built"

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi danieli73027437​ You could try using the form based composer to set up your activities instead of the visual experience composer. However the code editor is intended for advanced users who are comfortable with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The code view can help you tweak or fine-tune changes, or fix selector issues. It can also be used to add new custom code and actions. You could also use custom code within the visual experience composer for more complex changes.

Do check the documentation for code editor  and the form based composer for more information.

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