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Network request failed


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Hello fellow Target consultants,

One of our clients is currently trying to implement Target on one of their websites and this one is not publicly accessible. For that reason, I cannot access it neither can they install the Debugger, for security reasons.

The only accessible parts for me are the Data Collection and Target itself.

They have created one activity and it renders normally in VEC, it's even activated, but when they load the page they get the following error:


I've seen two other posts regarding that error, but no solutions were found.

Does anyone have any hints on how to solve this? Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hi @fabiofrasson ,


Target is not integrated properly.


Can you please confirm which tag management tool they are using for target integration.


Below are the steps for target integration through adobe launch



They need to first check the target integration on the pages, after successful integration they can create activities as per requirments.




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Hi @prads,

First of all, thanks for your quick reply!

Target was implemented using Tags. I've just checked Target extension config and it seems there's nothing out of ordinary.

In this case, would there be any other steps we could perform to troubleshoot this error?

Thank you!


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HI @fabiofrasson ,


In this case, can you please check with team are they connected to VPN while checking page on dev version.

Mostly network request failed with at.js on VPN.

You can ask them to check the target call in network tab of developer tool and search the keyword "mbox"

Refer below screenshot for page validation without debugger. Ask them to provide that screenshot.



Hope this information help you.



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Hey @prads ,

Thank you for this new suggestion.

I've sent some documentation links to the client and connected with them and their developer last week. It turns out their application was missing some Content Security Policy configurations.

After setting up these, the requests started to behave as expected.

Also, thank you @kandersen for your support, I'll keep the link you sent as reference to future issues.

Have a great day!


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Making the assumption that when you're not able to access to the site/domain, could it then be that they would need to whitelist the target servers/requests? The IT should be able to confirm whether or not this should be required.

Details on what domains/ip to whitelist: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/target-dev/developer/implementation/privacy/allowlist-edg...


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Thank you @kandersen, I'll forward that link to the client and will ask for this configuration.

As soon as I get an answer from them, I'll let you know.