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JS if/else statement not firing from Custom Code in activity


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Hello all,


I've been running into an issue with getting the 'else' portion of a block of code to fire in one of my activities and wanted to see if anyone had any insight or could point me in the right direction. I have experience as a front-end dev so am somewhat familiar with JS, but admittedly have not kept up with it as I've moved into a full-time A/B testing role, so I'm definitely rusty.

Basically we're trying to get our content to change in Target based on a variable value. The custom code in Target does fire, however it fires even if the variable value is incorrect. I'm including a screenshot of what I'm seeing, but the 'Modified with Target...' copy should not be displaying along with the banner image, as the ui.userInfo.bannerName value is set to HYSA 2 but was set to 'HYSA 1' in this case upon launching this site in our dev environment.




The code I'm using in my Target activity is below: 


  "mbox": "target-global-mbox",
  "success": function(offer) {
if ('ui.userInfo.bannerName == "HYSA 1"'){
console.log('param works');
  $('#PromoBanner #AmexPromoBanner #adContent .cta #PromoBannerTitle').text('Modified with Target - 23-6484790928A');
  $('#PromoBanner #AmexPromoBanner #heroImage').attr("src",   "https://www.transunion.com/content/dam/transunion/global/consumer/images/testing/amex/planit.jpg");
} else {
  console.log('param does not works');
  $('#PromoBanner #AmexPromoBanner #heroImage').attr("src", "https://amexccvd-canary.slo-devweb.truelink.com/sites/CreditView/assets/images/promo-banner/mycred.p...");
"error": function(status, error) {
"timeout": 2000


Please let me know if anyone can help - thank you!



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Hi @ddiaczun,

if I see it correctly your problem is that the condition of ui.userInfo.bannerName == "HYSA 1" is met - but you see in the Console the value HYSA 2, right? If so, it looks to me like it's a timing issue - that the if condition in the script is executed too early.


Hope I have understood your problem correctly.

Best regards


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Hi @Perrin_Ennen 


That seems to be the case - we have a set of about 10 values for ui.userInfo.bannerName however the 'else' condition does not fire on any of them. 


In this case would I need a timer function to check for the correct value every 50-100 milliseconds? I'm not very familiar with how the ui.userInfo.bannerName was created on our back-end so unfortunately cannot provide much additional context at the moment, but I can reach out to the engineering team that worked on this. 


Please let me know when you've had a moment to review - thanks!