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iOS Target retrieveLocationContent always returns default content


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I am not able to get target content.

Please find my code in swift


let request1 =  ACPTargetRequestObject.init(name: "target-login-banner", targetParameters: nil, defaultContent: "default-content1") { (content) in



let requestArray = [request1]

ACPTarget.retrieveLocationContent(requestArray, with: nil)


Which always return default content.

Please find my logs I am getting in console


2021-03-15 00:26:57.051111-0400 FPLDEV[23457:108769] [AdobeExperienceSDK DEBUG <com.adobe.module.target>]: ParseResponseToJson - Target response was received ({"status":200,"requestId":"7e4cf470-a7ec-4d95-84a3-82715224338d","client":"somevalue","id":{"tntId":"B008CBEF-2016-4E8E-974D-A9DA2F77B228.34_0","marketingCloudVisitorId":"44158167619828627955467589830391416289"},"edgeHost":"mboxedge34.tt.omtrdc.net","execute":{"mboxes":[{"index":0,"name":"target-login-banner"}]}})

2021-03-15 00:26:57.053395-0400 FPLDEV[23457:108769] [AdobeExperienceSDK DEBUG <com.adobe.module.target>]: ExtractMboxContent - optional array is null

2021-03-15 00:26:57.053921-0400 FPLDEV[23457:108769] [AdobeExperienceSDK DEBUG <com.adobe.module.target>]: DispatchAnalyticsRequest - Request failed, payload is empty

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