How to download latest 0.9.5 at.js for redirect offers and A4T



Very pleased to see a fix has been released for A4T and redirect offers.

The announcement reads: "For redirect offers in activities using A4T, your implementation must have visitorAPI.js version 2.1.0 (or later) and at.js version 0.9.5 (or later) to use redirect offers with A4T. Version 0.9.5 of at.js is available only via API download."

However, how do we download 0.9.5 at.js?

We followed the instructions here:

Which led us to:

However that downloads: at.js 0.9.4  and not 0.9.5. Also, says 0.9.4 is the latest version.

Client Code: eset
Admin Number: 9

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Aaron,

Due to some recently found bugs in at.js 0.9.5, UI update is in preparation for the upcoming release of 0.9.6, which is a requirement for redirect offers in A4T. We hope to release at.js 0.9.6 in the next couple weeks.

Please see the latest release notes on the following link :

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Answers (1)



Thanks Parit. We now see the message in UI has been updated to: "Preparation for redirect offers in A4T activities: Updates to Target to allow for setup of redirect offers using A4T. At.js 0.9.6 (releasing in a few weeks) is required."