Doubt about targetPageParams and Ajax

txemam26262263 10-05-2016


I am stuck in a specific scenario where I need to pass some parameters from AEM to Target. The problem is that those parameters are populated after an Ajax call, and I can't find the way to pass them. As they are only populated after Ajax success, I think that the only way those parameters will be populated is calling the function targetPageParams after the success.

I tried defining a function that contains targetPageParams, and calling it in the Ajax success event. My TargetPageParams function stopped working then (even thought it was working perfectly fine before the change). The parameters won't even appear in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Debugger. 

Is there any way to make this work?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

akashj80621328 17-05-2016

Please clarify when is your Ajax event fired? If it is triggered inside body, then it won't be able to set mbox parameters in targetPageParams() method which is inside head tag and consequently, mbox call with not have these params.

Try using mboxUpdate in your callback method of Ajax call.

Hope that helps.

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Answers (4)

ParitMittal 06-06-2016

Hi , 

Can you please let us know whether the problem is solved or not ?. If not, Please let us know so that we can further look into the issue .

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

txemam26262263 11-05-2016

Thanks for the idea, I have tried that before, but it's not working with my current configuration. I'm using a default target-global-mbox, with the auto-create global mbox option set as "true". I call targetPageParams() in my header along with the mbox.js call.

Should I set "mboxDefine()" and "mboxUpdate"? Or should it work only adding "mboxupdate('target-global-mbox','param1_balue1','param2=value2',...); into the Ajax success event?


akashj80621328 10-05-2016

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe community

You could use an mboxUpdate() call after your Ajax success event. Format of mboxUpdate is like : 

mboxUpdate('<mbox name>','param1=value1','param2=value2',...);