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Cannot update global mbox profileAttributes via Delivery API


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Hi everyone

i cant update global mbox profileAttributes via delivery API. When i am fetching global mbox profile attributes after update request they are not updated.

Could you please verify if i am constructing my requests correctly. I double checked tntId and client, they are the same for both update and GET request 

Thank you


update profileParameters request:



const url = `https://{client}.tt.omtrdc.net/rest/v1/delivery?client={client}&sessionId=${sessionId}`;
const body = {
id: {
tntId: tntId,
context: {
channel: 'web',
execute: {
pageLoad: {
profileParameters: { test: 'test' },
await fetch(url, {
method: 'POST',
body: JSON.stringify(body),
POST request returns status 200 with empty response body
fetch updated profile:
i am expecting to get profileAttributes.test = 'test' in the response, however the value that i am getting is the old one
the session id that i am using for POST request is coming from mbox cookie which contains current session information. I also send tntId in payload id section. That same tndId is later on used for the GET request. GET response contains a visitorId which is different from tntId and sessionId. As an experiment i've tried to use visitorId that is returned from profile api for delivery api update request as a session id query param (instead of current sessionId from mbox cookie). It appears that i can add new profileParameters this way (but not update existing ones) and it only works if i will manually delete existing cookie from the browser storage, so i assume that new params are getting applied when a new session gets issued. This is very weird since this functionality worked for profileParameters updates before with the sessionId from the mbox cookie, and even with this workaround i am not able to update existing params
could someone please confirm or deny my assumption
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