Allow location services preventing Target test?



I am trying to run a simple test on my website:  Changing the background color of a CTA button.  Unfortunately, when using the QA links or pushing the test live in Staging, I cannot see the test (even tried putting my audience at 99% of traffic out of frustration).  

My gut tells me the immediate popup asking to "Know your location" is somehow interfering with the ability to test on my website.


Has anyone experienced this issue?  Can you help with a workaround?  


AB test CTA simple issue

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @IanNEE 

Adobe Target works/edits any element based on element id or class, so "Know your location" won't interfere with CTA you are trying to edit. It'll find element id and apply offers.

As @mikewebguy mentioned if you have configured too many activities, sometime QA doesn't work in first load.

Can you try inspecting page (open developers tool / inspect element and then refresh page) and check whether offer is getting delivered when "Know your location" popup is showing on page? or Adobe Target is getting failed. //Maybe this would help you understand better why you are not able to see changes that you have made. 

Also confirm what audience you are using for activity (Are they qualifying for test?)

I don't think chrome popup blocks Target offers getting fired on page.

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Answers (2)



The configuration is still missing. You need to add the domain name to be tested to the hosts under setup in the adobe target so that the test website can load the modified experiment and your QA links can be seen.







Does it work if you refresh the same QA URL? Please try it an let us know. There is a known issue where this can happen if you have a lot of activities. This is documented here: under section: "Activity QA preview links"

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