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AB Test in a Modal window with fetched data from Recommendations


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I have a AB Test that I want Experience B to show only in Modal window. The modal window also will show data fetched from Recommendations. For that I have configured it like this:

  • I have setup the Recommendations to import data from a direct URL - looks all good.
  • I have created an Activity to load the recommendation data - looks all good.
  • I have created a A/B Test activity with audience, environment, traffic split, goal metric, etc. - looks all god.
  • Hooked up the Activity ID in my react app code base to conditionally check the experience - all good
  • Forced the Experience B through URL to launch the process - all good.
  • Modal opens up with top level data - all good.
  • Modal DOES NOT SHOW fetched data from Recommendations - not good.
  • If I open browser debugger console, delete all cookies and force the experience again - it works and renders recommendations in the Modal.

So at first it does not work but after deletion of cookies it works.


Please help - thanks.

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