A/B Testing and Multi Variate Testing

AEM_Forum 08-05-2017

Hi all,

Target facilitates A/B Testing and Multi Variate Testing.

These testings are performed by business users I guess.

As developers what is our role in there?

If I were to estimate efforts for these testings, how and what to put efforts?

Today I need to submit my estimates.

Appreciate all your quick responses.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

ParitMittal 09-05-2017

Hi Rama ,

It all depends on the developers who are implementing these like skill set , product feature implementation logic etc.

It is the call of developers to decide how time & effort they would take to implement the feature and it will also depend on the Project Manager to decide the LOE for the the task


Parit Mittal

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Answers (1)

AEM_Forum 09-05-2017

Hi Parit,

Thanks for your quick reply.

These testings need to be performed in the long run and it is not a one time job.

So, my idea is that the developers should develop profiles, ect, that are required for the Marketing people, who are more knowledgeable on the content side and they will keep running the tests.

Of course, the Marketing people need to be trained on testing.

In the Managed services, I understand that the developers take it up on themselves.

It is in this perspective that I am thinking that as developers, we do not do the testing and so no effort needs to be estimated for this.

Kindly confirm my understanding.