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VEC - Enable using HTML Offers from Offers library


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Description - VEC's Custom code sections allows Adobe Target users to add HTML code to amend the web experiences. However, it lacks integration with Offers library which means users have to copy-paste similar code multiple times. 

Why is this feature important to you - This feature brings reusability and reduces chances of error while copy-pasting the code. Seasoned JavaScript developers may provide the templatised code and marketers may refer to it to save time and avoid errors. We use many templates and having this feature will help in accelerating adoption of personalisation. 

How would you like the feature to work - Similar to Form based composer, there should be an option to select  existing offers from the Offers library


Current Behaviour - There's no option to use existing Offers library in the VEC unless we copy-paste. However similar functionality is available in Form based composer. 






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I second that this would be immensely helpful. 


I have a helper functions I need to to use based on the type of work the client requests and I have to copy/paste into every activity, of which there are many. It's very cumbersome and not streamlined. Having a place I could store then then call them when needed would be a massive time saver.