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Target APIs - Offers - Fetching and creating Offer-folders


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Description -

Current Target APIs for List Offers and Creating Offers

- do not return folders that offers belong to

- allow creating Offer-folders

- pushing new offers created using APIs into existing folders.


Why is this feature important to you -

We use APIs extensively to manage and create offers. Folders provide a very clean way to organise offers, especially for accounts with hundreds of offers. Having above capabilities will reduce a lot of manual work thats currently required to move API-created-offers to Offer-folders.


How would you like the feature to work -

1. Extend the current Offer-list API (https://developers.adobetarget.com/api/#list-offers) to return the Offer-folder name/id an offer belongs to

2. Extend the current Create-Offer API (https://developers.adobetarget.com/api/#create-offer) to allow referring to the Offer-folder

3. Create a set of new APIs to fetch the list of Offer-folders and create new folders


Current Behaviour -

Offer-folders are available just under the Target UI.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with our API for createOffers and listOffers. Your idea to solve the problem you're currently facing is helpful to hear as we continually improve our product. We appreciate you bringing forward these ideas and encourage you to update this thread with any additional details. 

Status changed to: Investigating