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Schedule Target Reports by Email


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Currently there's no usable way to have your Target test results emailed for review on daily/weekly basis. I've tried to do this via; SiteCatalyst, Discover and Report Builder and the end result is always something that is unreadable in Excel.

I feel this could be fixed if SiteCatalyst didn't only email you the top five results when you break-down a report and then schedule for emailing - we always have more than 5 tests/campaigns running, otherwise the emailed presentation format is good.

Please offer a solution as it's common to keep a close eye on test performance and if you have 50+ tests running you need an easy way to quickly review data to be sure everything is okay.

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+ in addtion there's no usable way to keep an eye on mbox server calls. There should be a report available that can be scheduled by email.