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Reset page parameters (Launch, SPA website)


Level 2


Description -

We have a SPA (single page application/asynchronous) webshop, where Launch is loaded only once on the first page. With the debugger I can see, that Target parameters set with "add params to page load request" are still there when going to next page (which is a asynchronous load). e.g. parameters for a product (detail page) are send again on next page even when it is another page type. This could break things.

Why is this feature important to you -
As I said in description, Target parameters set on one page are send on the next page even if this does not make sense. The option "don't send if empty value" does not work.

How would you like the feature to work -
The Target extension v1 and v2 should get a "clear variables" Option/Rule just as the Analytics extension have. Or the option "don't send if empty value" has to check if the Launch parameter has changed.

Current Behavior -

Tremendous parameters are send with Target v2 on our SPA. Adobe support told me to put it here in ideas. Please vote for it if have or plan to get a Single Page Application with Target.