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Notification when changes to a page impact a Target activity


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Description - A notification or a report that can be sent daily, that alerts Target users if an edit has been made to a page that has a Target activity running, that has resulted in that activity no longer working/ showing correctly and an error message now exists within that activity.

Why is this feature important to you - It will allow us to quickly and easily identify Target activities that have issues and resolve them swiftly. 

How would you like the feature to work - Either a notification or a daily email that is sent to a Target user, letting them know that there is an issue/ error message within a Target activity. The notification would list all of the Target activities and relevant experiences that currently have errosrs.

Current Behaviour - Currently the only way to know if there is an issue with a Target activity caused by a page edit is to go into each experience in "edit" mode and check to see if there is an error message in each experience. This is time-consuming and the greater the number of Target activities that we have running, the more difficult and time-consuming this is to do. The result is that sometimes we'll have "broken" Target activities running and not know it.



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Hi @RyanLG 

I can only tell you how we do it - maybe that will help you a bit.

However, we mainly use form based activities.

Each activity checks itself all the information that can cause an experiment to fail. That means we check all information via JavaScript. For example: are all required selectors available, partly we check content or product names or ids. Even after inserting a RemoteOffer we sometimes check the inserted content if it matches the structure that is expected. Or if a getOffer failed. In such cases we trigger an error.log and also fill the dataLayer with information.


These errors are displayed as a dashboard in the respective analytics tool. So we have an overview which activity, on which page, throws which error.


We also fill the dataLayer with information about each activity. So we can also see in analytics if there are irregularities.


Furthermore, the content team or the department manager knows which pages are being targeted. Then content changes are discussed with us.


All these are just security measures that give us more security and a better overview. However, this does not exclude the possibility of an experiment being broken.


It is also worth mentioning that we have written our own small framework that takes some of the tasks from us - and we can reuse functions from it. This makes our life much easier. The framework is not public yet.




Hi @RyanLG , thank you for submitting this thorough description of your Idea! We are currently investigating the potentials here and will follow up with updates once the Target Product team has gotten a chance to review. Thanks for your contributions to the Target Community!




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+1 Subscribing as well. We have wondered about different ways to accomplish this for as long as I can remember. When multiple teams are working on different aspects of a project obviously communication is key but sometimes changes or updates slip through the cracks and completely wipe tests out. I am sure we all know how frustrating that can be.

Thanks for submitting @RyanLG