Option to generate activity QA string from Edit Activity screen




It would be so much more efficient if within the edit activity screen we had the options to generate the activity QA codes.  As it is, if I'm working on code and want to see the effect this has on an experience, I have to do the following...

1) Save and close edit activity screen

2) Click 'Activity QA' link in 'Overview'

3) Copy link

4) Exit page 'Activity QA screen' clicking 'Done'

Then if I want to continue editing the code

5) Click 'Edit Activity'

6) Find experience I was working on, and work out what I was doing(!)

I know it doesn't seem like much, but this can really interrupt my flow when debugging code.

If we could have QA string within each experience this would save a lot of time!

Target QA string idea.png