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Once deleted in Audience Library audience should disappear from Target or option to delete.


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Description: Audiences that are created in Audience Library show up in Target. This is really nice until you delete the audience from Audience Library after which point it will be gone from Audience Library but still show up in Target UI in the Audience list.

Feature: Please either make it so that the system automatically deletes the audience from both places or provide a button that allows the end user to hide/delete these stale audiences from inside of Target UI. As seeing them with the notification is very cumbersome as it adds unnecessary data to the audience list. This might not be a problem for accounts with just a few audiences however it becomes a real inconvenience for accounts with a lot of audiences. See screen-shot below.

Deleted audiences still show in Target UI:




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The same thing happens with segments created in Analytics and shared to the Marketing Cloud.  Once deleted in Analytics, they still show up in Target Audiences. 


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These unwanted audiences clutter the audience library in Target with selection options that have never been used or intended for use within Target.

I understand the challenges around permissions or use, however this is a byproduct of sharing audiences between solutions so i don't accept it as a reason not to make this functionality more effective. Just providing this alert really doesn't help the situation, it only draws further attention to the fact that end users, regardless of permissions, are unable to remove audience segments that should not be in Target when they are automatically added from other solutions - in our case the Audience Library.

I have an open ticket with Target where i tell them which audiences need to be removed, which are then given to the engineers to actually delete them -- this is not a process that can work at scale with all of your customers.