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Improve the 2-person workflow concept for Target


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The Adobe Target editor / publisher roles allow for separation of duties, which is a good. But let's be honest, it's wonderfully inflexible.

Could we consider smashing those 2 roles together like a raging mosh pit to create something more impressive. For example:

  • A single role where editors can publish other editors' activities, but can't publish activities they've edited themselves - keeping the 2-person workflow for compliance and security reasons in tact.
  • Or at least allow an editor to pause an activity that's gone unhinged, so they can quickly stop the chaos and start fixing it, while still leaving the publisher the only one with the ability to "unpause" it.
  • Or allow an editor to edit an active activity while it's still running, but the edits don't go into effect until the publisher OK's it. Similar to duplicating an activity, but without having the "restart" problem of starting a new activity and losing all the AI/ML data AND AND AND not having hours or days of downtime while the activity is being edited.


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Hi there! I had posted your second bullet a little while back here and it was/is under investigation



I LOVE the idea of your third bullet, allowing for a version in draft if you will.  At the moment, we just duplicate the activity for the edit then move the code into the live activity when we are ready.




Thanks so much for your 3 in 1 Idea here @maccg12 ! We really appreciate your feedback, and while our product team has been investigating this area and looking into potential solutions, they do not anticipate this being made available in 2023. We'll keep the Community posted on updates as they come! 




Status changed to: Investigating