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Improve how Activity name is displayed in Adobe Target UI


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Activity names (especially long ones) are cut off in Adobe Target UI. Please improve the UI to display them in a more efficient way.

Activity detail

The activity name is cut off despite there is plenty of free space on the right. Make the activity name displayed till the status dropdown menu.

activity name 1.png

Activities list

The activity name is cut off due to many columns in the table. Enable "wordwrap" for the activity name so it will be shown in several lines when there is no enough space to show it in one line. Reduce the spaces between columns, especially the right margin of Last Updated. This should significantly free space to display the activity name.

activity name 2.png

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It would be great to have folders to group the activities and criteria into too. We have over 100 recommendations activities and over 900 criteria with no way to drill down and organise. I'm heavily reliant on the search bar.