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Hide Archived activities by default


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Description - Since the launch of the new UX any archived activities are shown by default - we have a lot of archived activities often with similar names for different iterations that we keep for data or code retention. Would it be possible to ensure archived tests are hidden by default to make it simpler to see which are the recent/relevant activities?

We can go in and filter out Archived tests, but this setting is not persistent and so becomes cumbersome having to do it each time I view a list of activities.





Thank you for sharing this feedback! As you mentioned the UI has been getting updated and we appreciate your insights about how they could be improved further. Please feel free to update this thread with any additional details as you come across them. Thank you!

Status changed to: Investigating



Thank you again for your feedback. In the list of activities, your archived activities should not show up by default going forward. Please let us know in the community questions if you run into issues with this in the future. 

Status changed to: Delivered