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Enable use of JSON offers for Automated Personalisation


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Description -

We have integrated Adobe Target with our website using JSON offers.  This works well for us and it is frustrating to find that we cannot use the same approach for Automated Personalization activities.


Why is this feature important to you -

We do not want the extra complexity of having to manage different types of activities in different ways.  This is acting as a barrier to our company adopting the the Automated Personalization feature.


How would you like the feature to work -

Enable us to use JSON offers in Automated Personalization activities


Current Behaviour -

You cannot use JSON offers in Automated Personalization activities



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I'm not sure yet if this is currently working or planned - but I found at least this post - about exporting JSON as XF in the future.


Export from AEM to Adobe Target currently only exports the HTML and there isn't any way to export it as a JSON. However, this appears to be in the roadmap for a future release of AEM. It will be included in the release notes of the AEM version in which it's released under reference number CQ-4238696

Solved: can experience fragments be exported in json forma... - Adobe Experience League Community - ...




Hi Andrew,

The Adobe Target January 2023 release includes support for JSON Offers in AP activities. You can find more information about the release here: https://docs.mktossl.com/docs/target/using/release-notes/release-notes.html?lang=en

Thank you,


Status changed to: Delivered


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@cristinel - one piece of feedback having now used this...


Unlike when using HTML offers, you can't rename the experiences (they just inherit the name from the offer selected).


This isn't ideal as we have reusable offers and would like to make the label on the experiences within the activity more relevant for when it feeds through for reporting etc. (and we don't want to have to keep creating new offers each time just to force a different name)




However, still great that you've enabled JSON offers!