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Delete Multiple entities from catalog in one go


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you - We wanted to delete around 3000 entities and I thought there is a workaround for this using API. Later on, I got to know that we have to do it manually one by one which is a very hectic thing to do.

How would you like the feature to work - there should be a way to delete multiple entities using API or by uploading list of SKUs in form of csv

Current Behaviour - currently there is no way to delete multiple entities in one go.

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If you get the list of entity ids and if you have access to the  delete entity API (developer access) . 

It can be done using a postman Run Collection . It can be achieved in less time and  in any local machine  .


Prerequisite: Generate the auth token to hit the delete entity API


1.Save the list of 3000 ids in a csv file.

2. Create the Delete API call by passing the id as parameter in Postman.

3. Run the above API as collection by feeding this csv file in data 

4. It is a data loading concept in which the ids in the files get substituted in every call.