Allow direct comparison of Mbox parameter to attribute



When creating an audience to target experiences based on an mbox parameter value, there is very limited functionality for how the mbox parameter can be evaluated.

It is only possible to directly compare an mbox parameter with a static value, which limits the ability to easily do personalisation on a segment-of-one basis. Meanwhile, it is possible to compare profile scripts and other attributes directly to attributes. See the below screenshot as an illustration of the two differences.


Our need is to be able to compare mbox parameter values to attributes - either from the profile or crs/customer attributes.

There is a workaround, whereby we write a profile script which does nothing more than retrieve the mbox parameter, but this adds an unnecessary step, as well as overheads to the system which presumably in the long run will contribute to us reaching or exceeding the various limits which exist for profile scripts.

A better solution would be to allow the direct comparison of a mbox parameter to an attribute, in the same way that a profile script can be compared directly to an attribute or one attribute to another. This would simplify the experience for the end user as well as reduce unnecessary overhead on profile scripts.