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Ability to reuse or duplicate goals


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Our website has about 50 different lead form pages (Thank You pages) due to the silo-ed nature of the company. In Target, I'm tracking whether users viewed one of these pages as a success metric (goal) for most of my A/B tests. Unfortunately, every time I create a new A/B test, I have to manually copy/paste all 50 url's into a new goal metric. What's worse, I'd also like to track separately whether someone both clicked on something in the A/B test + went on to view one of these thank you pages. So then I have to manually add all 50 url's again to a new Goal Metric, then use the advanced settings to add the additional condition. So that is 100 copy and pastes every time I add a new A/B test, which both takes a ton of time plus opens the test up to a lot of potential human error.

It would be much simpler if I could just save a goal definition to a library somewhere and reuse it. It would even save a ton of time if I could duplicate an existing goal then modify it.

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Hi Charles, thanks for your suggestion! As an alternative to a template library of goals, you can create a template Activity, edit it on the "Create" and "Target" pages, and then leave the goals and metrics the same (instead of creating a new Activity) - this workaround should shorten your process. Some other options: A4T works with A/B activities w/ manual traffic splits, or you can add a page parameter in the global mbox column (you may need page implementation updates here).