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Updating Global Mbox Variables


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I am passing some parameters to global mbox using DTM ( i created a data element , all the data elements are populated using data layer values , and also the data layer variables will be populated with values only if visitor login , else all the variables will be blank )

So , when the page loads , the target call is happening and all the global mbox parameters are blank which is fine , however if the visitor login then i need to update the global mbox parameters with the values .  I understand the global mbox parameters needs to be updated before the target call , but in my case i have to use data layer values to update global mbox parameters , but the data layer values will be available on DOM load , however my target call is happening before that and again blank values are going to global mbox.

Please help me to acheive my task.



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In dtm can u add a page load rule, on page load write a non sequential js. Get param names  from global mappings(the parameters in Adobe target tool in dtm) and get their values.

Then do mbox upate. apply(globalmboxname, parans) . this will update ur global mbox. then callmboxupdate method. Please note this is for mbox js and may hamper ur performance a bit. Check out other feasible options from other forum members.