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How do I get myself in and out of test variations?


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I am new to using Target Premium (at.js). What I'm trying to find out is if it's possible to edit something when on a test page (Cookie, Storage) that would change the variation of the test I'm seeing.

For example:

If I land in a test and see Variation C, where is this set? Can I edit something that would allow me to see variation B?


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Hi Daniel,

There isn't a "variation" cookie or variable stored client-side to do something like this. Target manages this stuff server-side. If you are looking to QA a test experience or force yourself in to a given version you can use the QA links. Essentially, you can copy a link to the test page with a couple of Target related query parameters that will force you in a particular experience to view it and QA. There are details on this help page: Activity QA.

You can alternatively "activate" a test and then delete your mbox cookie for the tested site, and refresh until you get into the variation you desire. This works fine for AB tests that are randomly allocating the experiences, but if it's an experience targeted test you'll need to ensure you qualify for the applicable audience too.


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your answer. I was wondering how we could solve this problem within our Mobile App?

Are there similar solutions to do this?

Kind regards.


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Hi ITP-analytics,

For forcing an experience Mihnea's solution will work. Though you probably won't want to activate a test that will touch your production app unless you're targeting the activity so that only you get into the test. Once simple, but effective way to do this is to create an audience for your specific IP address (of your mobile device).

To create this audience you can do this:

  1. Create a new profile script (Target > audiences > profile scripts). Name it (e.g., visIP). This is the script code:
    return (user.header('x-cluster-client-ip');
  2. Activate the profile script
  3. Create an audience, name it (e.g., mobile QA IP=YOURIP), add rule: visitor profile > user.visIP > equals: YOUR IP

Then apply that audience to your activity. It will now be safe to activate this activity and verify the test experience(s) on your device connected to the internet through the IP defined in your audience rule. Now using Mihnea's strategy you can force a given experience if desired.

Hope that's helpful.



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This is a great question. What I've seen some customers do is take turns manually changing the traffic distribution like this

1. First set up traffic distribution like so: ExpA: 100%
ExpB: 0%

2. Save activity clear browser cache/cookies and test again.

3. Next set up traffic distribution like so:
ExpA: 0%
ExpB: 100%

4. Save activity clear browser cache/cookies and test again.

If this satisfies your query please like, mark as helpful and mark as answer. Otherwise lets keep the conversation going. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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