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Experience Target Activity based on Domain Name not ReTargeting


Level 2

I have set up an Experience Targeted Activity (XT) in Target Standard and want the visitors with a particular page parameter to qualify for the activity.  Once in the activity, if they have a certain domain, give them experience B, otherwise give them experience A.

This all works on the first hit - if I have the qualifying parameter and I am qualifying as that domain (Testing our domain from inside our firewall), I get experience B as expected.  If I get off wifi and test from my phone with the qualifying parameter, I get into experience A as expected.

Only problem is if I switch back into wifi mode on my phone, the expereince does not change even though I now have the qualfiying parameters for experience B.

How do I get the re-targeting to work any time the domain switches rather than being locked in to that experience?

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Hi Brandon,

Can you please confirm the methodology you are using to create the Audience for a domain ?

Are you creating audience based on network details i.e

  1. Audiences > Create Audience >Add Rule > Network > Domain Name

or you are creating audience based on the domain of  Site Page ie.

        2. Audiences > Create Audience >Add Rule > Site Page > Domain > equals x.com or m.x.com

If you are using the option 1, please keep in mind that the domain name is for the visitor's IP address. This is not the domain name of the website you are using with Target. This domain name is related to the visitor's IP address and is sometimes called a hostname




Level 2

Hi Parit,

Thank you for the response.  Option 1 is what we are segmenting with, and is what we want.  We are looking to segment based on the OOTB functionality for customer domains based on IP.  So if they come in from a particular company's IP/Domain, we can target them.

This current test is a POC and we are using our own IP to test.  It does work.  If I am outside of the domain/IP, I get experience A as expected.  If I am inside the domain/IP, I get experience B as expected.  That is good.  However, if I qualify for experience A by being outside the domain, then change my domain to inside the domain, it doesn't retarget me to experience B.  And visa versa - if I qualify for experience B by being inside the domain, if I go outside the domain, it does not re-target me to the experience A.

The only way we have been able to test this so far is via mobile device.  Inside VPN, and then turn off wifi, and visa versa.  Again - the mobile experience works properly on the first hit for both experiences - I just expected to be retargeted once I get in or out of VPN respectively.  Once I clear my cookies on the mobile device, it redirects as expected.

Any idea why it doesnt evaluate the domain change?




Level 10

Løjmannmanisha17383587 Can you please provide your expert opinion on the above query ?


Parit Mittal


Level 5


Isn't it just because, the user are captured in one experience, until he/she convert (those settings can be customised per experiment).

Now I don't know how you have setup your audience, could it be that you only target them if their landing page has the qualifying query string etc., and therefore you limit yourself when changing network?

Share some dumps of your audience, and I'm happy to look into it



Level 2

Hi Løjmann - Thanks for the reply - Apologies for my delay - I will respond in a bit.  Just got back from vacation.