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Excluding visitors from specific Target Activities


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Anyone have an idea how to exclude vistiors from specific other Target activities?

I would like to create an XT activity targeted for all visitors who haven't entered one of the other activites that are live in the same time. I don't mean excluding visitors from any other test / activity but only those who have entered the specific one.

In best case scenerio i would like to just exclude visitors from (XYZ) activity on a page where i set up tageting.

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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You could possibly create a profile script which can be used in the audience.

There is no in-built functionality in Target as of now to exclude visitors from a specific activity



You can also check the video in the link which has a sample profile script to split visitors into two groups.


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Thanks Guys for all your help but it is not exactly what i was looking for.

My idea is to create an unique trait in Audience Manager and then download is a pixel and insert into <head> of selected experience in target. That's how i would create a segment to exclude from different activities.